SENFENG Laser Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2004, in Jinan Innovation Zone, Shandong Provence, and has grown into an internationally renowned producer of a broad suit of CO2 Laser and Fiber Laser products, with a globally-established market presence.

As a highly innovative company, we have always regarded technological research and development as the key to our success, and have received nearly 200 patents. To create machines with the highest standard of precision accuracy and efficiency, we will include automated production equipment outsourced from Japan and Germany when appropriate, but at a lower completed-machine price-point than our competitors. In order to stay ahead of the curve, we are heavily investing in our own R&D capabilities, and have opened our own R&D facility in Germany in 2016.

Likewise, we continue to invest in new facilities to increase our engineering capabilities: in Spring of 2019 we opened a new 4-building manufacturing facility with over 1,000,000 sq ft of production space in Jinan, serviced by over 700 employees. Though we have maintained a branch in Los Angeles since 2014, in 2019 we opened our first USA Client Demo and Technical Support Center in Commerce, CA. We now have USA state-side engineers and technicians to help with installation, on-site training, stocking of spare parts, and any technical support that our clients should need.

In addition to our Demo/Technical Support/R&D centers in the USA and Germany, we have additional offices in India, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, and many other countries where we maintain a market presence.

From acrylic-engraving to metal-working, from the precision of aerospace and medical-device industries to the home-goods of kitchen appliance and furniture fabrication, from food-packaging to the garment industry, we are eager to prove ourselves in a variety of industries within the American Fabrication Marketplace. We are confident our machines will match the best from around the world in terms of precision, while beating wherever possible the competition in terms of warranty, price, and state-side technical support.

We invite you to our Demo Center in Commerce, CA to learn about your current business and future plans, to see how we can improve your facility’s capabilities and efficiency, and welcome any real-time testing of materials and designs that would be applicable to improving your business. We look forward to meeting you!